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Weekend Adventures Parties in Austin Company Outings
Weekend Adventures Parties in Austin Company Outings
Whether you're swimming, kayaking, fishing, or just lazing in the sun, this adventure week or weekend is the perfect way to escape the pressures of the world for a truly fun and relaxing vacation. Host an amazing party or event. Whether it's a birthday, graduation, anniversary, promotion, or even a marriage proposal, you're guaranteed to have a time to remember.

Entertain clients and colleagues in an informal setting. What better way to cultivate that business relationship than a relaxing time out on the lake. It provides a perfect setting for conducting the more subtle aspects of your business.

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Welcome to Lake Travis House Boat Rentals. Recreation on Lake Travis is the best way to enjoy your stay in Austin, Texas. A party boat, fishing and Jet Ski rentals are just a few of the popular recreation options on Lake Travis. We have house boat rentals that are perfect for a family getaway, party, business event or other occasion.

The right houseboat depends on the size of the group. Our Dream Catcher is a 60 foot luxury house boat that is ideal for a private party, weekend getaway or company outing. The boat sleeps 10 and can accommodate up to 40 guests for a party or business event. The Dream Catcher features a hot tub, state of the art electronics and extensive DVD library with over 500 titles.

The Dream Catcher is also perfect for enjoying a variety of water sports, including fishing, kayak and has cradles for two Jet Ski rentals. There is a barbecue grill and bar to cook out on the deck or you can have a cook out on the beach. The captain and crew will bring your party to the shores of a stunning cove and return to bring you back on the last day of your excursion for multi day trips.

View more information about the amenities a houseboat has to offer on our website, as well as pricing information for weekend and week long packages, as well as day or night cruises. Fill out the contact form on our website to request more information about a weekend getaway, vacation, day cruise or other event. Include your contact information and the date planned for your event or trip.

Located in west Austin, Lake Travis offers the perfect backdrop for relaxation on a luxury houseboat. Enjoy some of the clearest waters in Texas aboard one of our houseboats loaded with amenities. Some of these amenities include on-board BBQ grills, water slides, jet-ski docks and much more. Visit the amenities page for a full list of houseboat features.

Lake Travis weaves around 65 miles of diverse waterfront landscape while offering ample opportunity for swimming, fishing and even scuba diving. Exploring by guided houseboat is the ideal way to see everything the lake has to offer. Lake Travis houseboat tours are great for family getaways, upscale parties and company outings. Book your houseboat rental today and look forward to an unforgettable adventure.

There is no better way to experience Lake Travis than aboard our flagship houseboat: The Dreamcatcher. You will see the lake like never before while enjoying everything our most luxurious houseboat has to offer. Our houseboat rentals come fully equipped with amenities only found at the most luxurious of accommodations. The Dreamcatcher is a 4 bed 2 bath vacation home on water. And because you're on the water, you'll always have immediate access to Lake Travis recreation, including kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving and other leisure activities. Lake Travis is a prime destination for Texas houseboat rentals because of the wide variety of available activities. There is something for everyone to enjoy while boating on The Dreamcatcher.

Enjoy time with the family, schedule a company retreat, plan a romantic getaway or reserve The Dreamcatcher for a party that you and your friends will never forget. Contact Lake Travis Houseboat Rentals today and find out more about boat rentals for Austin and surrounding areas.

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